Why this website?

Inhabitants of the Succulent Karoo who have lived in the region for a long time have noticed that seasonal weather patterns are not typical or predictable anymore and have seen the effects of changing weather patterns on their livelihoods already.

Climate change is happening

FloodsThere is no dispute –

Climate change caused by human activities is happening and people need to prepare for its impacts.

The effect of climate change increases the likelihood of extreme weather events such as droughts, floods and heat waves. The Northern and Western Cape provinces are predicted to be the two South African provinces most at risk of induced warming and rainfall change. This makes planning for the impacts of climate change in the Succulent Karoo region very necessary.

Increased pressures on people and their livelihoods

The people of the Succulent Karoo region depend heavily on natural resources, such as livestock, agriculture or eco-tourism for their livelihoods. These resources in turn depend on the weather. If we do not plan for climate change in the area, the poor and vulnerable will face a double burden of firstly losing their means of income and secondly dealing with other effects such as floods and fires, and damaged road or electricity infrastructure.

Increased pressures on the natural environment

At present 936 plant species, 17% of the total number of plants that occur in the Succulent Karoo, are listed as threatened by the IUCN Red Data List. If we don’t prepare for the coming increased temperatures and rainfall changes in this region we may lose many species of this already threatened biome.

How do we begin to prepare ourselves?

The first step is to get information about climate change and then to strategize using this information. This introductory guide is part of a larger information campaign.  A website dedicated to sharing information on climate change adaptation strategies for the Succulent Karoo can be found on www. Website.org where you will be able to share your experiences; learn from others and in this way build a new community of practice that will reduce the vulnerability of the people of Succulent Karoo to the inevitable changes that will come with global climate change.

Knowledge is power.