Where to go for help

Climate change information is rapidly changing, keep up to date by regularly visiting websites or contacting these key organisations:


What Contact Email / Website Tel
I want to know more about the science of climate change Dr. Gina Ziervogel gina@csag.uct.ac.za http://www.egs.uct.ac.za/staff_files/gina.html


021 650 4796
Prof. Bruce Hewitson  hewitson@egs.uct.ac.za  021 650 2784
Dr. Guy Midgley g.midgley@sanbi.org.zahttp://www.sanbi.org/programmes/threats/climate-change-and-bioadaptation-division


 021 799 8722
I want to know who to contact in a climate change related disaster The Directorate: Disaster Management and Fire Brigade Services

Mr Colin Deiner



021 937 0800
I want to know who to call if I plant Rooibos and am worried about climate Change Environmental Monitoring Group:Mr. Noel Oettle dryland@global.co.zahttp://www.emg.org.za 


Tel and Fax: 027 218 1117
I want to know who to call in nature conservation about climate impacts on plants and animals Mr. Corne Claassen (Cape Nature – Vrolijkheid) cclaassen@capenature.co.za 



023 625 1621
SKEP (Succulent Karoo Ecosystems Programme) http://www.skep.org.za/ 021 799 8874 / 8790
C.A.P.E (Cape Action for People and Environment) http://www.capeaction.org.za/ 021 799 8874
Susan Botha (Gouritz Initiative) 04420363020835005900
I want to know how my water supply might be affected by climate change Ms A Petersen
Director: Institutional Operations 



021 950 7287
I want to find out more about how my community might be affected Indigo Development and Change – Nieuwoudtville info@indigo-dc.orghttp://indigo-dc.org/index.html  027 218 1148
Cavin Bezuindenhout (Bitterfontein Advice and Development Organisation) badodma@webmail.co.za 027 642 7340
Climate Change and Social Development Network http://www.southsouthnorth.org/info@southsouthnorth.org 021 461 8551
I want to find out who to call to determine how my tourist business will be affected by climate change Christo Paulse (Matzikama Tourist Association) vanrhynsdorp@matzikama.co.za  027 219 1552
WDM – Hardeveld Tourism CentreChrizelda Ovis hardeveldtour@telkomsa.net  027  642 7335
Oudtshoorn Tourism Bureau info@oudtshoorn.com 044 279 2532
I want to know who in agriculture can help me prepare for climate change ARC Institute for Soil, Climate and Water iscwinfo@arc.agric.zahttp://www.arc.agric.za/  012 310 2500
Department of Agriculture (DoA) – Elsenburg (Research) 021 808 5111
DoA – Moorreesburg/Swartland 022 433 2330
Paul Herselman – Vredendal/Matzikama paulh@elsenburg.com 027 213 2000
Worcester/Breede Valley 023 347 1121
 Oudtshoorn/EdenStefan Pieterse stefanp@elsenburg.com 044 272 6077
I want to contact my municipality to find out how they are prepared for climate change in my area West Coast District Municipality
Wilhelm Markus


022 433 8400


Matzikama Local Municipality – General Enquiries 027 201 3300
Central Karoo District Municipality – General Enquiries 023 449 1000
Breede Valley Local Municipality – General Enquiries 086 126 5263
Oudtshoorn Local Municipality – General Enquiries 044 272 2221


Legislation dealing with climate change

  1. Municipal Systems Act ( Act No. 32 of 2000) has obligations for environmental management by local government.
  2. National Water Act (Act No. 36 of 1998) and Water Services Act (Act No. 108 of 1997) address the management of water resources.
  3. National Environmental Management Act (Act No. 107 of 1998) develops strategies to protect natural and cultural resources and proactively addresses poverty.
  4. Disaster Management Act (Act No. 57 of 2002) focuses on preventing and reducing the risk of disasters, mitigating their severity, emergency preparedness, rapid and effective response and post-disaster recovery.
  5. Biodiversity Act (Act No. 10 of 2004) aims to provide a regulatory framework to protect South Africa’s valuable species, ecosystems and biological wealth.
  6. Furthermore, as a party to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), South Africa has to fulfil certain obligations in terms of adaptation, with a view to minimising adverse effects to the economy.