Preparing for Climate Change in the Succulent Karoo

The climate we live in influences many areas of our lives. If our climate changes and we are unprepared, our very basic needs such as access to food and water will be affected.

In addition we will also become more exposed to certain health risks, as well as natural disasters such as floods.

DroughtClimate change is likely to have an unequal impact on the world population. Experts say those living in poor and developing countries are going to be less able to adapt to changes because of a lack of resources and poor access to information. The Succulent Karoo Region does not have to be a developing country statistic.

The first steps to dealing with the known and unknown risks of climate change are to acquire information, spread the information and then collectively strategize. We hope this website helps you begin that journey.

What is climate change and climate change adaptation?

Climate change is the natural cycles of weather patterns on earth resulting from changes in the amount of heat received from the sun. The climate goes through warm and cold periods, taking hundreds of years to complete one cycle. These changes affect the temperature which also influences the rainfall. Plants and animals are able to adapt to a changing climate if these changes take place over hundreds of years. Unfortunately, human activity is currently causing the climate to change too fast.  Find out more…

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